Cutting-Edge Solutions, Innovative Integrations, and Useful Trainings: What’s New in the World of SAP Commerce

Having been working on SAP Hybris for over 9 years and successfully implementing many projects, we always try to be up-to-date with all the latest SAP Commerce news and know all the ins and outs of exciting solutions, awards, trainings, and products.

In this news digest, you’ll get to know new companies that started using SAP Commerce, SAP Commerce Cloud 2205 new features and enhancements, integrations for SAP Commerce, and other important issues. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

SAP Commerce Cloud 2205 release includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • Intelligent Selling Services (personalized smart recommendations delivery);
  • UI Themes, Branding, and Profiles (an upgraded user experience, Backoffice experience control);
  • Headless Commerce and B2B Punchout (clean decoupled integrations for B2B scenarios, cXML APIs that enable punchout from procurement tools into SAP Commerce Cloud);
  • Testing and Development Support in the Cloud Platform;
  • Long-Term Support and Maintainability.
SAP Commerce Cloud 2205 release

Among SAP Commerce Q3 2022 Road Map Items, there are:

  • Blue or Green Deployment (running of deployments in parallel to the existing commerce environment, etc.);
  • Project “Spartacus”: Support for B2B storefront features (registration, future stock);
  • Project “Spartacus”: Support for screen readers (accessibility). 

Of course, we can never go without education and self-development. So it’s just excellent that SAP offers the Open SAP Microlearning platform! The platform is divided into two channels:

  • Business End User Channel. A Business End User performs a wide range of tasks that allow for the optimal use of SAP Commerce Cloud and enables them to perform their everyday work. Examples: Sales Reps, Service Agent, Content Manager, & Marketeer. To get started, you can check out the videos on the channel and improve your competence in Product Content Management, Customer Experience and Web Content Management, Customer Support / ASM and find out all the relevant information on Telco and Media Accelerator, Financial Services Accelerator, Travel Accelerator, etc.
  • Experts Channel. Experts are responsible for the configuration, implementation or ongoing support of SAP Commerce Cloud. Examples: Administrators, Consultants, Architects, & Developers. To get started, check the videos on Commerce Cloud in the Public Cloud, Commerce Onprem-to-Cloud Migration, Integrating with Commerce, Staying Up to Date with Commerce, SAP Commerce Integration with SAP ERP, etc.
Integrations for SAP Commerce

Also, did you know there are a bunch of integrations for SAP Commerce? We’ve made a review of them for you. Check out whether they can come in handy for your company. Among them, there is one integration in the category of Customer Data

  • Idiomatic: Enterprise Customer Intelligent Platform. Idiomatic’s AI expertly classifies Qualtrics open-ended responses, SAP Service Cloud cases, and other unstructured feedback to instantly unlock the value of customer intelligence. Additionally, customers give their feedback through emails, live chat, phone calls, social media, reviews, and surveys. Idiomatic makes it easy to see what customers are saying in one simple dashboard.

Among integrations in the category of CRM and Customer Experience, there are:

  • Knack Brava: B2B Ordering and collaboration tool. On the whole, this solution helps connect the B2B network – manufacturers to distributors to channel partners to customers – in every way possible. Besides, it reduces up to 80% of the sales cost of bottom-tier, mid-tier, and large customers. By using Knack Brava, you can allow your sales reps to provide all critical supporting data to customers. Thus, it helps customer service agents to find a drastic reduction in their number of customer touchpoints.
  • Adyen Payments for SAP Commerce Suite. By using the solution, you get a single view of your payment data, no matter where your customer buys.
  • Fluent Order Management. The solution provides a single view of inventory and orders across all channels. This way you can provide a seamless omnichannel experience and show customers what’s in stock before they go to your store to avoid disappointment.
  • CX Assortment Management. All in all, it’s an extension to the standard SAP Commerce platform to provide a backoffice cockpit assortment management functionality offering an efficiency gain for product managers. It offers convenience & insights for product managers so they can publish faster, have a single point of view and have a clear view on the customer assortments.

Then, in the category of Commerce, we have:

  • Cloud Backup and Migration for SAP Commerce. With the help of this tool you can accelerate backups of media content in clouds and streamline its acceptance. Automation can save up to 24 hours of manual work for one backup. Business owners can minimize security risks with discretionary access control, which is particularly important with dynamically changing business data.
  • FACT-Finder for SAP Commerce. The solution includes optimized search, merchandising tools, personalization, recommendations, analytics, analytics, A/B testing. Thus, this is everything you might need to start boosting your conversion rate.
  • Automated 3D CMS. The solution allows taking existing 3D design files and automatically creating 3D web and AR immersive experiences proven to increase online sales and reduce returns.
  • Avatria Convert for SAP Commerce. It automatically optimizes sort order on category pages and search results. Indeed, Convert can improve conversion by predicting what customers are most likely to purchase.
  • Cloudinary for SAP Commerce. It gives an opportunity to showcase your products with an on-brand, responsive gallery of images and videos that are automatically optimized for fast loading, boosting conversions on product pages. Also, you can automate processes related to image and video editing and management and save time for your teams.

Additionally, there is one integration in the category of Marketing:

  • Omnibus Commerce Marketing Cockpit. An intuitive and interactive dashboard tailored to the needs of the Marketing Team. On the whole, the solution improves marketing user experience, helps strategize future promotions, and allows to re-engage customers.

Finally, one integration in the category of Service:

  • Integration for SAP Citizen Engagement Accelerator. All in all, the solution reduces implementation time and cost and gives access to powerful tools that give your team the ability to create and modify digital services with more speed and ease.
SAP Commerce Cloud: new users

Also, do you keep an eye on your rivals? Check out whether there are any of your competitors among the companies that have recently started using SAP Commerce Cloud:

  • Hangcha Group, one of the largest forklift manufacturers in China and among the top 10 in the world, chose SAP Commerce Cloud to simplify its front-end sales order intake process and integrate with its back-end digital core system, supporting the group’s business transformation and boosting sales revenue.
  • Perfumes y Esencias Fraiche, a Mexican company specializing in fragrances and essences that serves more than 20 million people through different sales channels, chose SAP Commerce Cloud and SAP Marketing Cloud to strengthen its online presence to meet new consumer needs, using a solid digital strategy that enables personalized fragrance sales for its customers and through thousands of distributors.
  • WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, a leading German manufacturer of electrical connections and components, recently implemented SAP Commerce Cloud solutions as part of its cloud transformation. With SAP Commerce Cloud integrated with SAP Marketing Cloud and the SAP ERP application, it plans to provide a great e-commerce experience for its business-to-business (B2B) customers.
  • Wacker Chemie, a leading German player in highly developed specialty products for several industrial sectors, recently implemented SAP Commerce Cloud as its new B2B e-commerce system to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

To sum up, we’re always interested in all new SAP Commerce features. This helps us implement cutting-edge solutions and bring unbeatable benefits to our numerous customers.

Thus, all the major news has been covered. But if there is something else worth sharing, feel free to leave comments down below.