Regular meet-ups as a part of expertise gaining and professional skills improvement

Without any doubts, engineers’ expertise and professional skills are the most relevant issues when considering hiring a team for a complicated project. That is why Expert Soft makes a song and dance about the constant development of our software engineers and their abilities improvement.

Why have meet-ups become our common practice?

There is a constant experience sharing and knowledge transfer from our top senior engineers to the junior ones in our company. This is carried out through the system of mentoring and general meet-ups. These meet-ups pave the way for abilities and coding performance improvement, and communication skills development. In other words, the improvement of all the bread-and-butter for any project credentials.

How do meet-ups help?

In order not to be ungrounded, we should tell more about one of the most recent meet-ups that was aimed to share tips on how to improve IT specialist’s productivity and different steps that can lend a helping hand while working with IDE, Java/Spring development, OS terminals, and the browser. All the things covered in the meet-up were meant to facilitate the process of software development.

The organizer of the meet-up gave us the rundown of using an integrated development environment. According to the speaker, the productivity of the developer can be estimated in money, and it can be increased when using the right tools. The speaker mentioned that using IDE can help spend more time thinking over algorithms and strategies implementation instead of writing the same things repeatedly.

Are meet-ups aimed only at the engineers?

Besides purely engineering issues, the author also gave a thumbnail sketch of the programmes and apps that can come in handy for a general user: like ‘Grammarly’ – an app that helps to make an English text look smoother, ‘TeamViewer’ – that gives remote access to computers or mobile devices located anywhere in the world and helps use them as though you were there, ‘Fences’ – software that helps to organize the icons on the desktop and many others.

The lecturer put great emphasis on the use of a dual-pane file manager that helps to achieve a very high speed of work. To put it in a nutshell, the lecture helped all the people who work with computer as the speaker told about the automatization of many routine activities that stop employees from being productive.

There is always time for discussion. 

After the main part of the meet-up, team members share their ideas and experience in this or that area, discuss all the relevant issues. The speaker usually receives tons of questions that help participants dive deeper into the subject and later use all the techniques in their work.

To wrap it all up, it’s impossible to give a whole picture of a great number of all the software and apps touched by the speaker. All in all, such meet-ups usually cover not only very complex engineering issues but also very basic ones. However, that basic information is also of great importance when there is a need to increase productivity and gain that 80% of the result while spending only 20% of the effort (the Pareto principle). Such meet-ups together with a special development plan designed for each developer, the system of mentorship and a complex training system contribute to the top-notch results our team achieves while working on different international projects.