10 Reasons to Choose SAP Hybris for Your Custom eCommerce Project Development

What is Hybris? SAP Commerce Cloud (SAP Hybris) is one of the most progressive solutions for e-commerce project development used by such companies as Vodafone, Lebara, Samsung, Nike, and others. Its benefits include various technological advances in shopping and business, making enterprises grow enormously. That’s why many top-ranking companies choose SAP Commerce Cloud over other platforms. In today’s article, I offer to have a look at 10 reasons why using SAP Commerce Cloud can be beneficial for your business and examine its main features. Let’s get it started!

Why use SAP Commerce Cloud?

1. Accelerators with in-built finest business and technological practices. B2C (Business to Customer) accelerators include multi-language and multi-channel functionalities combined with direct engagement with customers and clients. B2B (Business to Business) accelerators are used to cover long-term payments. Another accelerator is Telco with the possibility of ordering products joined with a subscription or a service. Last but not least, the SAP Commerce, Accelerator for China is designed to meet the demands of a Chinese market.


2. Highly effective cockpits. Cockpits present application sections that have a specific focus. This makes them highly effective. The platform has its own Web Content Management System, Product Cockpit Module (it enables structuring catalogues product info). Import Cockpit may also come in handy as it allows users to import schedules and mappings. Other cockpits include available Build Framework, integration with payment, and the Backoffice Administration Cockpit that offers flexibility.

3. Flexibility and adaptability. Another SAP Commerce Cloud benefit is that the solution can be tailored to satisfy the demands of multiple businesses. It has exceptional performance compared to other B2B platforms. Because of its Backoffice Administration Cockpit, a business can be handled in a very effective way. Companies are equipped with ready-to-use components and business logic that can be used for specific business processes.

4. Integrated but modular platform. SAP Commerce is integrated with millions of different functionalities. But at the same time, the platform is composed of modules with little co-dependency between each other. This means that the platform is highly flexible and can be easily customized to the business needs across numerous verticals.

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5. Multi-everything platform. SAP Commerce Cloud provides multi-language, multi-channel, and multi-vendor opportunities. Being a multi-language platform, it helps to interact with customers at any place they are. The channels may include websites, social media, call centres, mobile, and direct mail. By the way, Gartner placed SAP Hybris in the 2017 Magic Quadrant Report for its multichannel campaign management. 

6. Short time to market. When you build an e-commerce solution with SAP Commerce Cloud, that means that you are not building it from scratch. You use existing components and build them into a ready platform. Consequently, it takes less time to complete it. Besides reducing the time to market, due to ready-made templates that can be used as a basis for the solution, free development resources can be allocated to building up more personalized features that will affect the overall success of the project. 

7. Big data streams. Hybris has been created to handle high volumes of traffic and a great number of B2B orders, and work with B2C company processes which are often quite elaborate. So, no matter how big the data your website processes, you can be sure that it is stored and handled safely within the platform.


8. Integration with SAP software and easy marketing and promotion. SAP Commerce Cloud is integrated with SAP back-end product and by using Hybris Data Hub and web services, data can be exchanged between the two systems. Easy marketing and promotion are ensured due to integration with SAP Marketing Cloud. It enables real-time analysis of customers, segmentation, and marketing recommendations.

9. Contextual experience. Contextual experience is created due to communication with customers across different channels. Besides, relevant content is provided. Customers get offers that are tailored to organizational needs. So, this allows a business an opportunity to better understand the behaviour of the customer thus providing better user targeting and leading to customer retention and satisfaction.

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10. Detailed analytics and insights + great UI/UX. SAP Commerce Cloud gives an opportunity to control every tiny detail. Besides, by reading detailed analytics, it’s easier to improve marketing and business strategy. It provides you with a catchy and bright User Interface / User Experience, and this leads to a greater retention rate and high profits for your business.

On what platforms SAP Commerce Cloud is available?

It is available on WebApp and Android & iOS. You can build web apps with SAP Commerce Cloud as their base. Web Applications don’t require any installation, so you can direct them through a web browser login. Most mobile phone users use iOS or Android so you can build an app on either of those platforms or both platforms at the same time.

For many world-known brands, SAP Commerce Cloud is the most efficient solution for e-commerce development. Businesses choose it for its flexibility and adaptability, multi-language, multi-channel opportunities, little co-dependency between modules, capability to handle periods of high demand, accelerators, contextual experience and other outstanding features. They altogether contribute to high retention rates and profits, the vitality of the platform during the days of intense demand and high loads, high control and diligent storage of any tiny piece of data, flexibility, and shorter time to market. All these advantages are more than enough to at least consider all the potential benefits this platform can give to your business.