Just 7 questions to realize You need to change your e-commerce IT Vendor!

Glad you liked and intrigued by the title of this article. Finally I had some time to analyze the countless number of feedback and experience I’ve got while working in e-commerce with my company Expert Soft. Here is what 95% of all our Clients and Partners come with – check if this applicable to you?

And I would be really thankful and happy to hear your cases and experience, how do you make decisions like that? What are your criteria and what’s important! Welcome to comments or let’s have a private chat.

1. Are you tired of constant delays in implementing new features on your website? Does it lead to broken terms of promotions, decrease in revenue and customers leaving for your competitors?

We specialize in quick implementation of changes to websites, which is essential in the rapidly changing world of e-commerce (we can perform certain changes even within 24hrs). We achieve this through a well-established agile process from highly-efficient professionals (PM, BA, front- & back-end devs, QA, UI designers) who are ready to communicate with the Customer 24/7 if it’s necessary for adding urgent changes to the site. Each client is assigned a dedicated team (BA, front- & back-end devs, QA, UI designer) led by a dedicated PM, who is immersed in the project as much as possible, and maintains constant communication with the client’s employees and team, ensuring rapid and qualitative introduction of changes to the site.

2. Do you want to redesign your website to be modern and selling, but you are told that this is impossible without moving to a new platform?

As experts in creating large e-commerce projects on various modern platforms (ATG, OCC, SAP Hybris, Microservices, etc), we have a profitable, fast and effective solution for the redesign of an enterprise online store without changing the current platform. We can develop a new front-end (with redesign) for your website without being tied to your current platform. This enables our clients to connect the new front-end to any other new platform rapidly and with ease in the future. So you get a quick redesign of your website on your current platform while your website is prepared for a smooth transition to a new platform in the future.

 3. Are you unhappy with your vendor: poor quality of work, broken deadlines, no plan and no reports on the work done, with poor communication (ignoring your requests and wishes)?

We know that many vendors in the US and EU often use newly/poorly-qualified developers from India and surrounding countries, so that communication and development processes (in different time zones, with limited English proficiency, different mentality and cultural values, poor quality control and lack of testing) are not well established. These developers often don’t provide plans and reports on the work done, so that customers don’t know what they are paying their money for.

Unlike these companies, we specialize in providing high-quality and customer-oriented service and development, achieved by:

• highly professional, experienced engineers from Europe – a dedicated team for each of our clients (comprising experienced 10+years PM/BA, front- and back-end devs, QA);

• well-established business development processes (agile, precise and transparent plans for sprints, terms of implementation agreed upon with the client, detailed and clear reporting on the work done);

• client-oriented culture of the company (our employees listen to and are ready to help each of our clients, even if these requests are outside of hours);

• Excellent knowledge of English language and a similar mentality (dedicated and responsible attitude to work).

All this is backed-up by positive feedback and testimonials from our satisfied customers. This is one of those – ‘The level of service and quality, help and client-orientation is so high that it’s Black&White in comparison with all our previous vendors’  – James, CIO.

4. Are you concerned about critical issues of your client’s websites: inaccessibility to customers, slow response rates, performance problems?

 Have you ever faced performance issues during peak sales seasons such as Black Friday, Christmas Eve, sales promotions and more, where your site becomes unavailable to customers? Because of this, plans to achieve quarterly revenue targets are unattainable, frustrated customers are leaving for competitors, while shareholders and top management are not satisfied with the results. We have years of experience in launching and maintaining online stores under huge pressure. For stable work of a high-volume site under heavy load, incl. holiday seasons, there’s a necessity of:

• Properly designed architecture of the project (it should be developed by a solution architect with 10+ years of experience);

• Professional, highly-skilled experienced engineers who apply special techniques and algorithms and effectively use the processor, memory and other server equipment;

• Regular and specialized stress testing, which imitate a high load on the site.

We constantly use these methods while working on our clients’ projects. That’s why our projects are available and work quickly even on days with an increased flow of visitors.

 5. Are you afraid of a fine of 10 million euros for non-compliance with the law on the protection of personal data (GPDR) on your website?

As we know, in May 2018 the GPDR law comes into effect in the EU, according to which companies that don’t observe the protection of European users’ personal data of their site are required to pay a fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of annual turnover. This is true for US companies too, as the protection of users’ personal data is very important, and the legal costs of claims for the leakage of personal data may reach sizeable amounts. Expert Soft has vast experience in protecting personal data in Internet projects. We build reliable protection from: vulnerability in web scripts (SQL inj, XSS, LFI/RFI, XPath inj), vulnerabilities in the incorrect settings of the web application environment (web server, application server, SSL/TLS, framework, third-party components, the presence of DEBUG-mode), vulnerabilities in the operation phase of the website (obsolete software, simple passwords, storage of archival copies on the web server in general access, the availability of service modules in common access). We have also implemented well-established business processes for data protection in our client’s company – including a dedicated data protection officer, with clear instructions for working with data for employees with large individual fines. Important note: in the development process we do not use, and we do not need personal data of visitors to your site, which further reduces the risk of data leakage.

6. Are you fed up with the constant large annual cost of paying for licenses for Oracle: ATG, Endeca, CSC, SAP: Hybris, …?

Expert Soft specializes in the development of various customized solutions for online stores, which allow you to save hundreds of thousands dollars per year on various licenses. We have also successfully developed an equivalent replacement of various paid functionality for free-of-charge, quality open source or custom solutions in our clients’ projects (such as replacement of paid Endeca for free of charge Solar …)

7. Are you concerned about the need to move to a new platform: big costs and deadlines, the difficulty of choosing an appropriate modern platform and a reliable vendor?

Expert Soft has many years of expertise in creating large high-volume e-commerce projects on various modern leading platforms: Hybris, ATG, OCC, Microservices, …, as well as vast experience in high-quality custom Java development. Through this our company can maintain and modify your site on its current platform efficiently and for reasonable costs; redesign the site (a new front-end without replacing the platform); and perform a smooth transition of the site to a new modern platform with various custom elements that don’t require license costs, at a very favorable price (for example at a price almost two times lower than that of competitors).

We have many years of experience in efficient and profitable solutions to such problems and a lot of satisfied customers, such as Gucci, OfficeDepot and many more.

Did you face that? Or maybe you are experiencing these issue right now? Send me a message and let’s see how we could help you do better or maybe I could just advise you something!