Cutting-Edge eCommerce Solutions for a Global Financial Corporation


The customer is the authoritative financial data & analytics supplier. The company now employs thousands of experienced professionals. They are constantly called upon to provide insight and commentary.

Key challenge

Our customer has an information portal where its clients can check news reports, insights, articles, and other valuable information. The major concern was that articles and reports were added to the portal every 2 weeks by changing the code manually. Thus, it was absolutely inconvenient. 

Solution highlights

The task was to move the information portal to a modern headless CMS and automate the process via micro UI, use targeting features that can show the most relevant content to different users worldwide. We created a third-party system for content management. It stores different tags according to which it displays news reports to different users. It displays different articles and reports to state organisations, businesses or private companies. To put it in a nutshell, the system chooses the most relevant content for every user. 

As a result of our work, the system is very flexible and dynamic due to micro UI, and other technologies (Java (11), Node.js, Spring Boot, CSS, Vue.js). Also, we connected different libraries with this system (like video libraries which store videos with different resolutions and allow choosing this or that video according to the device you are using (small screen or large screen, etc.) 

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For changing some data, now you should only change it in CMS. And it will be displayed on every device and for every person around the globe. To put it in a nutshell, the process of news and reports delivery is instant and flexible now.

Technologies used

We’ve been working on up-to-date projects using Java (11), 250+ microservices, fully automated continuous integration & continuous deployment, fast Node.js back end, modern Angular front end, full containerization. Suffice it to say that the stack of technologies is very modern. What’s interesting is that originally we positioned ourselves as mainly back-end developers. But while working on this project, we have been working a lot with the front end as well and have got excellent reviews from our client.

Our developers with their expertise have covered a wide range of activities, from DevOps tasks and deployment to database configuration. Also, we’ve been working with microservices. This allows you not to stop the whole application if you need to change one of its parts. For example, no need to stop the whole application to change or update the search. Microservices work differently. If you need to change the search, you can change only the microservice responsible for the search. And all other components don’t depend on it, so there is no downtime at all. 

The team has also been using micro front ends. They give the same advantages as microservices for the back end. Their greatest advantage is that you can reuse, develop and deploy them separately. 

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On the whole, our solutions allow the customer to change and adjust the entire project for new services for its clients. Thus, it’s possible to add new features and projects to the general outline of the company’s internal system with ease. Additionally, our customer can increase the capacity and volumes of the processed and stored data without rebuilding the system and changing the architecture of the solution.

Overall, our expertise and the wide stack of technologies we have great experience working with (microservices, micro front ends, Java(11), Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, Spring Boot, Kafka, and others) have contributed to the successful implementation of innovative solutions and led to the long-term partnership with one of the most prominent rating agencies in the world.